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Test ride new bikes

A curious group of Mississippi school kids all want to try a Bike Friday!!

Why do we sell tandem bikes, recumbent bikes, and Bike Friday bikes? And then let you test ride new bikes?

Kirk’s Bike Shop, Inc. was founded by Kirk and Trudie Newell, husband and wife. Finding it difficult to enjoy bike rides together, as former bike racer Kirk kept sprinting ahead and then coming back to “see how she was doing”. So they bought a Jack Taylor tandem in the summer of 1977. This allowed Trudie to “get up to speed” with road riding and kept the couple together on their weekly rides. Through the past 30 years of raising their two boys, Dustin and Garret, and watching their business grow, they continued to ride the bike together.

Test ride new bikes

Kirk and Trudie touring Italy 2008.

Shortly after the tragic death of their oldest son, Dustin, in September of 2000, they bought a Rans Screamer recumbent tandem and began training in earnest for a bicycle trip to Eu. Dustin had spent his junior year in college there. They planned to visit the places and people that their son had known during his last year of life.

After the trip, they began putting more and more miles on the bike and began riding with members of tandem clubs in Los Angeles and San Diego. They had met them during their journey in Europe. Today, they continue to ride with these clubs, spreading the “gospel” of recumbent, tandem and Bike Friday folding bike riding to experts and novice riders alike.


Test Ride New Bikes

As of today, Kirk and Trudie have owned and operated Kirk’s Bike Shop, as a full service bicycle store, for over 38 years!  On January 1, 2016, Kirk ceased day to day operation of the store and changed the shop’s focus. Now we do ‘appointment only’ sales of Tandem, Recumbent, and Bike Friday Bicycles.

Call Kirk today to arrange an appointment to see and test ride your own new specialty bicycle!”

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