Bike Friday

San Diego County bike shop

Date:10 Feb, 2016

Bike Friday

Bike Friday is a small American bicycle company located in Eugene Oregon. Their unique line of hand built folding bicycles are world renown for their efficient full size ride combined with their ability to be quickly folded for compact transport or storage in a car, boat, plane or your home or work place! These great riding folding bicycles can also be packed into a standard large suitcase for no hassle, no extra charge, airline travel world wide! Bike Friday is a true custom American travel bicycle builder. Here at Kirk’s, we pride ourselves in being able to guide you through the constantly evolving range of models and options from Bike Friday to arrive at the ideal folding travel bicycle to fit both your needs and your budget! Call or email Kirk today to set up your personal appointment to view, discuss, and test ride these versatile American made, hand built, custom, folding travel bicycles!

Bike Friday Tandems:

Bike Friday tandem models offer a unique combination of affordability, reasonable performance, and practicality that is unequaled in the tandem world. Although we refer to them fondly as “Circus Bikes”, Bike Friday tandems are fast becoming the travel tandem of choice for our own personal, world wide, tandem touring adventures!!
Call 760-390-1555 or email Kirk today to make your personal appointment to view, discuss, and test ride his in stock selection of tandem models from each of these great tandem manufacturers!!