Tandem Bikes

Premium Tandem Bikes 

test ride tandem bikesThere is no finer experience than seeing the world go by from the saddle of a quality tandem bicycle!

As an authorized Santana dealer we stock a test ride fleet of at least one quality Santana tandem bikes in each available size. This insures that you and your riding partner will have the opportunity to try a tandem that will fit you properly. Once you decide on a model, our tandem experts will assist you in choosing a color and options that will best suit your riding style. Santana will then build you your own special tandem bike. Delivery time varies, but is usually 4-6 weeks.

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We also stock and sell Co-Motion tandem bikes. Co-Motion tandems are built in Oregon and have many choices in both performance and family oriented models.

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Because of their unique combination of simplicity, comfort, packability, and efficiency, Bike Friday tandems bikes are an excellent choice for adventure tandem touring. They are also so much fun for casual family use. In fact, Kirk and Trudie have found themselves using a Bike Friday tandem on many of their world wide tandem adventures! Kirk’s keeps at least one Bike Friday tandem in stock at all times for customers to view and test ride.

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Why Test Ride Tandem Bikes at Kirk’s?

The profile of many (but not all!) of couples that come to Kirk’s with an interest in purchasing a tandem goes something like this:
tandem bikes

  • The guy is an avid cyclist and would like to share his passion for cycling with his significant other.
  • The gal is athletic, but may be more timid about cycling. Perhaps she finds little joy in following her partner at a distance on a bike that is often not as efficient as his.
    (Please note that we also sell plenty of tandems to couples where both partners are avid cyclists.)

Test ride our Tandem Bikes

Our goal, here at Kirk’s is to help all of these diverse couples learn how to successfully ride together on the same bicycle. We want to help you discover the shared joy of tandem cycling! To this end, we use a method developed years ago by Bill McCready, founder and owner of Santana Tandems:

  •  We start by giving the “Stoker” (person on the back) a short introductory ride to learn the starting and stopping routine. In addition, we want to demonstrate the ease, comfort, and security that comes with being a tandem Stoker.
  •  Next we give the “Captain” (person on the front) of the tandem bikes a short ride, in the Stoker position. This is so that they can better appreciate what it feels like to ride on the back of a tandem with little physical control.
  • Finally, after allowing the Captain to ride the tandem bikes by himself (to get used to the feel and the controls). Then we put both customers on the bike for their first tandem ride together! We have found that, in the vast majority of cases, this simple introductory procedure avoids many of the problems that an inexperienced tandem couple can run into. We want your first tandem riding attempt to be a positive one! Here at Kirk’s we have helped hundreds of couples discover the fun and efficiency of tandem riding. Let us help you do the same!!

For a tandem introduction and test ride appointment, just give Kirk a call: 760-390-1555 (Kirk’s Cell) Or drop him an email: kirksbik@pacbell.net