Recumbent Bikes

tandem recumbent bike

Kirk and Trudie glide down the Natchez Trace aboard a Bike Friday DoubleDay Recumbent Tandem, pulling their gear behind them in the special suitcase that allow the bike to be checked as regular luggage and then converts into a spacious lightweight trailer!

Why a Recumbent Bike?

With the recumbent bike, people are discovering that cycling does not have to cause them pain! In fact recumbent bicycles and tricycles can be ridden for hours and miles without ailments. Issues like a sore butt, stiff neck, aching shoulders or numb hands that afflict the conventional bicycle rider are gone! Instead, the recumbent rider experiences far greater comfort and a better view of the world!

The Bonus of a Recumbent Bike

As a bonus, because of the unconventional appearance you, as a pedaling recumbent rider presents, drivers tend to notice you on the road better! The biggest part of your body is in the car driver’s field of vision and you do not blend in with pedestrians, joggers, or conventional bicyclists.

Recumbent bicycles or tricycles are a great choice for anyone who, for whatever reason, experiences pain or discomfort while riding a conventional bike. Additionally, recumbent tricycles are a great choice persons with balance issues, handicaps, or just a general apprehension of riding a regular 2 wheeler.

A Recumbent Bike Test Ride at Kirks:

recumbent bicycle built for two

  • Over the years Kirk has helped introduce literally thousands of folks to the little understood world of recumbent cycling.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, Kirk will discuss with you your current problems and goals.
  • He wants to know what they are as they relate to cycling.
  • Then he’ll make some suggestions as to which recumbent models might best help you solve these issues and achieve those goals!
  • After a careful fitting and some verbal coaching, Kirk will help you get started on your first recumbent ride.
  • You’ll feel the thrill even in the safety and security of the shop parking lot.
  • Most folks are a little wobbly at first, but after about 5 minutes “the light bulb comes on”.
  • Generally a big grin develops on their faces. They experience the comfort and relaxed ease that comes with recumbent riding!

Recumbent Bikes and Trikes in stock and ready to ride!:

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We also maintain a constantly changing selection of pre-owned recumbent bikes for those looking to try recumbent cycling at a lower entry cost. Contact Kirk for his current selection of used recumbent bikes. 
Call or email Kirk today to make your recumbent appointment! 760-390-1555 (Kirk’s Cell)