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Borrego BlastHello Tandem Teams Everywhere!

Since January of 2001 Trudie and I have been inviting fellow tandem teams to join us for a weekend of riding and socializing in the warm winter climate of Borrego Springs. That first year, we had 6 teams accept our invitation. Since that humble beginning the “Blast” has grown to an annual attendance of 30-40 tandems! This year will mark the 11th anniversary of this fun event! Due to increased interest, we have added the “Montezumas Revenge” 50 mile loop to the choice of rides on Saturday. This epic ride will give the stronger teams a true challenge! For those looking for less mileage (and effort!), we will be offering medium and short rides that suit your taste also! You can see the ride menu by following “The Rides”  link above.
So Won’t You Join Us??? As they say, “the more the merrier”, and that is certainly the case with the “Blast”. As you may have noticed, there is no “entry fee” for the weekend. We just want to get together with as many tandems as possible for a fun weekend of winter riding in the desert! Just let us know if you are planning to come!

Riding in Borrego

Borrego Blast
Trudie and I were first attracted to roads around the Borrego Valley by the desire to find a warmer place to enjoy our tandem during the winter months. We discovered that the combination of wide, lightly traveled roads and spectacular scenery were ideal for tandem adventures! Now, with a wide range of accommodations and restaurants, the Borrego Valley has become the perfect destination for a winter tandem retreat!

Galleta Meadows Sculptures

As a tremendous bonus, during the past few years, Dennis Avery, and owner of a large amount of land in the valley has commissioned the creation and installation of whimsical life size metal sculptures of prehistoric creatures that once roamed the Borrego desert. Many of our ride routes pass by these sculptures, which are located all over the valley. It is truly amazing and entertaining to ride a long and see these realistic looking creatures in life-like poses spread out along the roadway! In case you saw these sculptures last year, many more have been added in the mean time!

BSCThe Blind Stokers Club

The Blind Stokers Club applies principles of setting and attaining a goal, fundraising, mentoring, teamwork, along with the joy and freedom of bicycling and the adventure of travel with a group.  Since 2005, BSC members have pedaled over 150,000 member miles.  Over 160 members of 80 tandem teams have completed the Cycling for Sight (CFS) tour, and 12 members rode the 7-day 620 mile CAF Million Dollar Challenge (MDC) Tour, including the 1st female team.

Tandeming is a team sport, and requires 2 teammates (stoker and captain) to be matched in size and personality.  Each stoker in the program is matched with a captain and tandem, with the intent that all 3 participate together as a team, during training rides and events throughout the year.  Each captain serves as a cycling mentor and coach for his/her stoker teammate.  Captains and stokers have responsibilities for maintaining communication with their partners and club-mates, and for ensuring that the 3 essential components are prepared for rides.  Teams unable to participate in San Diego area BSC rides and activities can create their own training and activity program in their area.

Pedal to the Park 

Pedal to the Park (PTP) is an urban experience, demonstrating bicycle as a fun, healthy, green and family-friendly way to go to a Padres ballgame, during National Bike Month.

Ride your bike from any location, or join a planned group ride option. ALL CYCLISTS MUST REGISTER SEPARATELY.

Reserved seating (great view) discount game tickets ($15 before May 1) will be distributed to registered PTP participants at the Padres Bicycle Pavilion (Park Blvd & Tony Gwynn Dr), starting at 12:30p. Group seating preferences can be indicated below and will be honored at the time of distribution.

Padres-Dodgers game time is 1:30 PM. Your bike will be parked in a secure, guarded Bicycle Pavilion until you are ready to leave the game. HELMETS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL CYCLISTS, AND ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS. Request a San Diego County Bike Map at icommutesd or call 1-800-COMMUTE. You can Create your own urban bike route from a nearby neighborhood or Balboa Park.